False Report of 900k Dead in Vatican City Last Night – I Nearly Fell Off My Chair Reading It

I was looking at the latest figures on Worldometer last night which resets at midnight GMT.  As I was scanning Spain and the rest of the world, all of a sudden the Vatican City figures popped up at the top of the screen even above China and Italy.

The report said that nearly 900k Vatican City residents were dead, I just about fell off my chair.  I said to my partner “bloody hell there are 900k people in the Vatican City dead”.  I kept checking the other countries’ figures thinking there was no way this could be true. Or could it? In the fast-moving world of coronavirus, I am starting to get used to amazing and incredible headlines that I would never have thought I would see in my lifetime.

Top three shockers have to be Spain going into lockdown, Italy’s hospitals’ having to choose who lives or dies in triage world war measures and utter disbelief as this unfolded in Wuhan.

Let’s face it we all make mistakes and surely somebody at Worldometer may get a telling off but in these sad times, we need to find our sense of humor. If that’s gone then all is lost.

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Lisa Burgess


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