Sweden could become a “black hole” for the coronavirus to thrive in, according to China

The Chinese Global Times says that Sweden risks becoming a “black hole” where the virus can thrive and later attack other countries, and that Sweden seems to have “capitulated” to the virus.

Sweden gets sharply criticised by China about the lack of measures taken against the coronavirus pandemic.

The amount of people infected with the virus only in Stockholm is about the same amount of people infected in entire Andalusia in Spain.

Spain is under a state of Alarm and isolation, while Sweden continues life as usual. 

It is “completely unreasonable” keeping kids who had been on vacation in risk areas at home for 14 days, said the Swedish National Health Organisation earlier.

“There is no reason for healthy kids to not go to school,” claimed Kain Tegmark Wisell, head of their microbiology department.

Now Sweden has decided to only test health workers and people in risk groups for the coronavirus, even if others show all the symptoms of the infection.

“Only the ones who need hospital care will be tested. The virus seems to how a low mortality rate, that’s why it’s important to prioritize health workers and people in risk groups,” says Karin Tegmark Wisell.

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Henric Sundlof


    • Ching Who

      12 December 2020 • 20:58

      Lings spread the virus around the world, and now have the audacity to criticize other nations?!


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