UK Shops Under Siege Due To Coronavirus – Government May Introduce Rationing Measures

Savoury snacks and beef drive UK grocery inflation, Tesco, Asda, Kantar, Morrisons, Sainsbury's

In the UK today, supermarkets have been deluged with customers’ panic buying.  The Government has called for calm and advises to only buy essential items but their advice is not being heeded as supermarket queues stretch out the door.

The Government is set to ration some products if the panic buying continues.  UK retailers have asked shoppers to be considerate in their shopping so that much need items for the vulnerable elderly are available.

Matt Hancock said he was ‘confident’ shops will not run out of food but could not guarantee it and warned the government could take action.

UK Environment Secretary, George Eustice, commented that he “fully supports the call from British food retailers urging us all to be considerate in the way we shop and look out for our neighbors”.

A shopper at Asda store said “I just managed to get the last bag of nappies yesterday. I came because I saw everyone on Facebook saying about empty shelves and it’s a good job I did. It’s stupid. There are going to be elderly people who can’t get what they need. It’s not fair on them. And there are also people who cannot afford to bulk buy so are going without. It’s ridiculous”.

Meanwhile in Italy, the Italians are buying only essential items and there is reduced panic buying.  For a nation that loves food so much this is a heartwarming act of solidarity.

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