Certified Coronavirus Home Tests Are Now Sold in Sweden

A Swedish dental clinic has started selling certified home tests for the coronavirus. The tests are said to be 80% accurate.

“We are the first in the country to launch the product, we have been waiting to get a certification that we have now received,” says Ella Esasson, president of Dental Clinic Sweden.

According to the dental clinic, the test should be 80% accurate and the tester will know within 15 minutes whether the test is positive or negative.

“We sell these to relieve medical care as much as possible. Then you know whether to stay at home or not. We do not earn much from these tests,” Ella continues.

She says that the employees of the dental clinic tested the product but that everyone got a negative test result. “That was, of course, good, but you might have wanted someone to test positive so that we could really prove that they work,” she says.

A two-pack test costs €28 and a single test costs €18.

The Public Health Authority is critical, though, and claims that home tests cannot be trusted. “It’s not something I recommend because it can give false security and that’s dangerous in itself,” Karin Tegmark Wisell at the Public Health Authority says.

She says that home tests are very insensitive and that they cannot be trusted. “They measure the protein structures and they need to be high for it to show an accurate test result. It can take several days before you reach those levels. In health care, instead, the genetic mass is measured and the test’s accuracy is close to 100%,” Wisell explains.

“If this test proves negative, you cannot trust it. It is just unnecessary to spend money on expensive tests,” she continues.

Instead of buying the home test, Karin Tegmark Wisell recommends that you stay at home if you feel any symptoms.

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Written by

Henric Sundlof