99% Of the Italian Coronavirus Victims Had Underlying Diseases According to Authorities

Although Catalunia still has relatively fewer cases in total than Madrid, the acceleration of new cases is worrying.

The Italian Health Authority has studied 355 coronavirus deaths in the country and concluded that more than 99% of the victims had one or more underlying diseases when they got infected.

Only 3 out of the 355 diseased had no previous diseases. That’s just 0,8% of the total. The report also shows that two-thirds of the patients that died were men and that the average age was 79.5 years. 

25% of the cases had one previous illness, 26% had two previous illnesses and almost half (49%) had three or more.

The report also lists the previous diagnoses. The most common, high blood pressure, was observed in more than 75 per cent of cases. 36 per cent had diabetes and 33 per cent suffered from heart disease.

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Henric Sundlof