Coronavirus insanity! (TRIGGER WARNING)

The uncertainty of recent world events has really sparked my anxiety more than usual as I am sure it has for everyone. I have driven myself to the edge, by overthinking, the entire world is talking about Coronavirus.
The Facebook blaze with shared articles, the WhatsApp groups ping-ing off constantly, the talk amongst the parents at school last week, you find yourself working yourself up and the feeling of being overwhelmed starts to creep up on you.

If you already have mental health problems its highly likely that the worries of coronavirus may be affecting how you are coping. I have spent the last two weeks obsessing over watching news, reading all kind of articles, listening to rumours. I have been told over and over again “ Don’t worry, it’s just a cold” “You’re panicking for no reason”, “ Calm down”. The sudden uncontrollable fear and anxiety caused me to obsess that I had been infected with the virus, all of a sudden at 11pm at night: I felt my throat swelling up, my chest closing in and I had a killer headache… I could feel my heart racing faster and faster.

I got in the shower and scrubbed my skin raw, convinced I was infected, I next remember the water going cold. Spending the following two days, hardly being able to walk, sit down, wear deodorant or simply cuddle my daughter without being in pain. This was not me wanting to purposely hurt myself but I couldn’t seem to control my anxiety, the emotional fever spiralled into panic. Overwhelmed by the uncertainty and the future, the rational parts of my mind went offline.

The only advice I can offer to anyone feeling like this at the moment is:

* Maintain your routine as much as possible.

* Self-isolate but keep in contact with loved ones. Don’t feel alone!

* Read and listen to the news from reliable sources.

* Play a game, do a puzzle, read a book, watch a film.


All of those things are practically useful but most importantly voice your fears and thoughts, don’t let anyone tell you that you are panicking for no reason, if you are feeling it, its real to you. If you continue to feel anxious or distressed, do talk to your doctor.

Please email me and share how you are feeling and coping with this.
You can also follow the articles on my Facebook personal blog page @Mswillowbipolar (Ms Bipolar)
Stay safe & keep talking, we do CARE  and we will LISTEN to you.

Ms Bipolar




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