Silver Bullet Collection

The Geneva Car Show was cancelled this March as a precautionary measure in the developing global Covid-19 crisis.

Deprived of the opportunity to introduce in to the swelling rumour and news mill that is the Geneva Car Show’s press days and coverage  Rolls Royce Motors has had to rely on other means and has resorted to teasing us by remote means.

Releasing design treatments and images of their next very limited edition. Rolls Royce’s though more common than of old are still the very rare and this model will have only 50 examples world wide.

Rolls Royce is set to channel the Roaring Twenties that era following on to the First World War when bright young things took the world by storm. The Dawn Silver Bullet Collection is an ode to decadence, to frivolity, to heady heydays.

Drawing inspiration from the fabled roadsters of the 1920’s – rare, glamorous machines forever associated with bright young things and rakish Hollywood rebels, the Dawn Silver Bullet Collection seeks to capture the carefree attitude of a century ago with a bold, contemporary expression designed for today’s pleasure-seekers.

Seductive and effortlessly cool the Dawn Silver Bullet Collection is a powerful, artfully tailored addition to the Rolls-Royce Collection Car ensemble.

Silver can be found frequently in the marque’s enigmatic history on special trails cars such as the Silver Dawn, Silver King, Silver Silence and Silver Spectre.

The Dawn Silver Bullet Collection will cut a dash in a newly commissioned ultra-metallic silver Bespoke paint finish.

The paradigm  of the Collection is the Aero Cowling, which shifts the car’s high-shouldered silhouette, amplifying a sense of speed and purpose.

The rakish silver centre spine brings the bodywork into the cabin, giving it an intimate, connected feel of a true two-seater.

A vapour-blasted titanium finisher completes the Aero Cowling windbreak and proudly displays the Silver Bullet name and silhouette.

The Dawn Silver Bullet Collection features dark exterior detailing; dark headlights and a new dark front bumper finisher, providing a dominant and determined expression in heighted contrast to the silver hue.

The part-polished wheels offer a translucent shadow finish with a single silver pinstripe.

The interior of the Dawn Silver Bullet Collection will be alluringly tactile, resplendent in materials and Rolls Royce craftsmanship evident and in full-on display.

A unique open-pore carbon fibre fascia greets the driver and companion in contemporary style. A quilted transmission tunnel, with design cues taken from a characteristically rebellious fashion accessory, the leather jacket, runs through the centre of the cabin.

British eccentricity and class, this car blends nostalgia of the past with sophisticated innovation of the future, strongly suggesting that the Dawn Silver Bullet Collection will be the perfect platform from which to experience the very best journeys around the world.

Rolls-Royce are planning to organise a special series of “Silver Bullet Drives” which are expected to be epic road-trips for owners of this contemporary collection.

Nick Horne, London, England

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Written by

Nick Horne