Tory Government STITCH UP of the self employed says Fuengirola regular window cleaner stranded in Spain

Anti-Covid-19 jab doctor, William Bay, facing suspension over his views. Image: Queensland People's Project/Facebook

Adrian Vincent stranded on Spain’s Costa del Sol in Fuengirola hits out at Tory party plans over coronavirus payments

As Boris Johnson laid out his plans to shut businesses down such as pubs, clubs and restaurants and advising everyone to stay at home, the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced payment plans for contracted staff of companies, but the self employed seemed to be hit hard where it hurts by being told they can basically claim the ‘dole’ at 97GBP per week.

These announcements have brought fury amongst the 5 million plus self employed people across the UK who are unable to work due to the coronavirus spread.

Window cleaner Adrian Vincent who normally spends 4 months a year in Spain’s Fuengirola is outraged and told the Euro Weekly News:

“It’s an absolute disgrace, we have been totally stitched up by the Tory government, 97 pounds a week to replace a regular 600 pound income is a bleeding joke!”

“They won’t let us work, but they expect us to live on 97 bloody quid, how’s that going to pay my mortgage, oh yea we can defer it but that’s still got to be paid back, I’ve got other expenses too, 4 grandchildren for starters.”

“Back in the 80’s Thatcher urged us to go self employed, schemes were set up to encourage it and take people away from the high unemployment numbers, many of us did it, ok some of my pals got really successful and formed Ltd companies that cherished, but some of us just remained self employed and we actually pay more tax that way up to 40% in some cases, we don’t hide behind a company to pay less tax but yet in comes a crisis and they kick us where it hurts!” Adrian went on to say.

“We have been rolled over and stitched up for having the balls to be self employed by the same party who promoted it in the first place, we understand if we don’t go to work we don’t earn, we are the grafters of the country, but to see people getting paid because they are employed and we just get told to claim the dole is totally unjust and stinks, everyone’s been looked after here apart from us, the grafters of the UK.”

“When I come to Spain, my lads are still out cleaning windows 7 days a week, none of them can work now, I have no income coming in, and the government tell me I can live here until the lockdown finishes on less than a hundred quid, ok I decided to stay, that was my choice, I would prefer to sit on a balcony in the sun than stuck indoors at home, I get that but it’s even more expensive at home, the offer from the government to all self employed is a complete farce!”

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