Chef Joffrey Faces A Check At Costa Del Sol Roundabout – Make Sure You Have A Proper Licence To Deliver Food

In the latest news, Chef Joffrey at ChefJoffrey@Home on the Costa Del Sol made deliveries in the past few hours.  He got stopped at the Sitio De Calahonda roundabout by Guardia Civil to provide his papers and licences.  He provided all requisite licences and information and was told to go ahead on the basis he had proper documentary evidence and sanitary health accreditation.

He has an ever-changing mask and gloves on consistently while cooking in professional kitchens. Sanitary health is of utmost importance during these difficult circumstances.

Spanish Guardia Civil understood immediately provided with proper information. They saw his vigilance with his mask and gloves.  His first delivery was for an elderly lady on Mother’s Day which was touching.  The Guardia Civil behaved in an absolutely appropriate manner.

Joffrey is delighted to provide a service to his community and one elderly lady on her own will receive a free meal every week.  He already has 2 nominations from the community to provide this free and needed service.  He comments “we will try harder to help the elderly in Calahonda and other Costa Del Sol communities”.

He says “you can adapt during these terrible times in business but you need to give back”.

He does say “if you are delivering food on the Costa Del Sol, you need to be especially vigilant.  You need a proper licence from your gestor otherwise you will face a big fine”.

We will be providing information soon on other businesses offering food delivery services on the Coast with proper licences but please get your papers in order, there are many who are absolutely legitimate and they are in the restaurant community on the Costa Del Sol.  These hard-working restaurant owners and employees are trying to adapt and need your support right now under lockdown.

The picture is of Chef Joffrey’s first delivery today of Chicken Liver Parfait with Fig & Apricot Jam With A Shallot Confit, his starter. Obviously, he can only deliver outside your door in a takeaway box, under proper health measures.  He can call you though or vice versa and see how much you enjoyed his culinary skills.

We will keep you updated 24/7.

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Lisa Burgess