Piers Morgan On GMB Blasts Britons As Morons For Ignoring Social Distancing Advice – He Says The UK PM Is Sending Out Mixed Messages

Controversial Good Morning Britain TV presenter, Piers Morgan blasted the actions of the British people on TV this morning calling them “morons” for ignoring social distancing advice. He wasn’t too happy with the UK PM Boris Johnson either saying the PM was sending “mixed messages” about what to do.

He further ranted “how big of a sacrifice are you making for your country? You are being asked to go home and watch telly. You are not fighting a war”.

He was kicking off due to stories of Brits sneaking into shops that are specifically open for the elderly at certain hours. Brits have also been caught jumping queues. I can tell you this a big no no in Britain and I always call someone out when I see it happening. There has been many a row in my local supermarket. Us Brits like fair play.

Other people agreed with his comments including Anna Soubry, former UK MP and vocal remainer and Owen Jones, Guardian columnist.

In his latest tweet Piers says he is proud of the village of Newick where he lives posting pictures of perfect social distancing there.

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