UK Cabinet Minister Michael Gove Messes Up On Live TV – Piers Morgan Rants About It

Earlier this morning Piers Morgan tweeted that “Cabinet minister Michael Gove has just announced on Good Morning Britain that no children of separated or divorced parents should move to and from their current home.  They are to stay with the parent they are with right now for the duration of the lockdown”.

Then upon realizing that this was actually not government policy, Piers tweeted “FFS. This is ridiculous. The Government is making up policy on live TV and then having to clarify it’s wrong. Totally unacceptable”.

Michael Gove apologized in a tweet saying “I wasn’t clear enough earlier, I can confirm children under 18 can move between separated parents. This is permissible and had been made clear in the guidelines”.

A Twitter user put it succinctly in a tweet saying “I don’t usually watch Good Morning Britain and I am not a fan of Piers Morgan but he is talking sense”.

Looks like Cabinet Minister, Michael Gove is having a bad day at the office except he’s speaking on behalf of the government, it is imperative information is clear and precise for families beginning life under UK lockdown.

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Lisa Burgess