Coronavirus can last up to 9 days on your phone

Coronavirus can live on your mobile phone for up to nine days unless it is properly disinfected.

STUDIES have found that Covid-19 can survive on metal, glass and plastic for over a week, depending on conditions.

And Professor Nigel McMillan, who is an infectious diseases and immunology specialist at Griffith University, has advised people to take extra care when using their phones in public places.

“Covid-19 can live on any surface and the more moist it is, the longer it will live there,” Professor McMillan told MailOnline.

“The safest thing to do is consider your phone an extension of your hand, so remember you are transferring whatever is on your hand to the phone.

“Don’t put it down in random places if you can avoid it.

“Clean it every time someone else touches it, too, as the virus could be living on it far longer than you think.”

Professor McMillan also advised that wipes used to clean devices must contain ’60 or 70 per cent alcohol’.

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