Let’s hope we all work together- a different kind of article from our ‘grumpy’ columnist

AS some of you noticed I didn’t do an article last week. I tried about 10 times but nothing I was grumpy about seemed really relevant at the time.

Since then we have been put on lockdown and the whole world has gone crazy. But this week, after being home for a few days, there are some things I think need addressing. These articles are written a week in advance so this might have all changed by the time this goes to print. I agree with everything being done here in Spain with a couple of exceptions. For instance, there are three of us living here – me, Mrs S and our dog WhatWhat. Yes, I know, but that was his name when we got him.

He needs to be walked three times a day and sometimes one of us does the walk and sometimes we both do, but now only one of us can. Why? We know not to speak to people, but I’m allowed to go shopping or to the pharmacy where other people are. I’m dog walking around a deserted street! Maybe someone can explain. I also read that builders are working on sites. There are other things, but let’s just do as we are told.

Here everything is closed so as painful as it is, the public are in no doubt about the rules. But in the UK places are allowed to open, but the public are being told not to go out to pubs etc. Madness. BJ has been on TV every night making government announcements.

They are offering loans and grants to homeowners and business but only some with pandemic clauses in their insurance coverage will be able to claim. But there will be some that, for whatever reason, don’t fit the criteria. Landlords need to have their rents paid by tenants but what if they can’t pay? There’s nothing in place for them. I read on Twitter trolls saying it serves landlords right like they are all some type of Rackman character (Google it). But it’s just another business like having a shoe shop.

Some of the small businesses that are closing now will never open again. Rental properties here are getting no bookings now and bookings are being cancelled. There are many people here that work and have a small amount of savings. We all have bills to pay. Let’s hope that everyone works together and we will get through it.

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Mike Senker

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