The Costa del Sol in Spain goes from palm tree paradise to dog sh$t city under lockdown

The streets of Costa del Sol in Spain have become plastered in dog poo!

YOU would think with less people on the streets as the lockdown process continues on day 12 on Spain’s Costa del Sol that the streets would be cleaner, but that certainly is not the case as the streets are literally plastered in dog excrement.

Without the normal street cleaners out and about daily whilst the coronavirus grips hold of Spain, dog owners simply are not being responsible as they take short rushed walks with their dogs.

On inspection tonight readers complaints today were deemed correct as I ventured out to inspect the situation and came upon a mass of dog dumped poo under the street lined palm trees, in the middle of pavements and on all grass verges, it’s literally everywhere.

Stopping to talk via face masks and 10 feet apart I interviewed a disgruntled dog owner taking a quick break out with his old English sheep dog Petra who had his own opinion as to the reasons why:

“Look at it all, it’s everywhere, I’ve never seen it so bad, I think dog owners think it’s acceptable because nobody is using the streets, but that’s no excuse, it takes 10 seconds to pick it up and place it in the bins.”

Wendy Cotton also horrified by the situation said: “I think people think it’s dash out and dash in with risk fears of being fined by the police if out too long, they are pulling dog owners regularly now, whereas before if you were walking with your dog they left you alone, but really there’s still no reason not to scoop up your dog’s mess, the police should start issuing fines, the situation is out of control now, it’s everywhere.”

The Costa del Sol normally known for its beauty and clean streets certainly isn’t that at present as it becomes dog poo city!



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