TikTok star who LICKED toilet seat in ‘Coronavirus challenge’ threatens to cough on Dr Phil after he called her ‘spoiled’

A WOMAN who licked a toilet seat as part of a ‘coronavirus challenge’ has threatened to infect Dr Phil with the virus after he called her “spoiled”.

Ava Louise, 22, posted the widely shared video of herself on TikTok licking the toilet seat on an airplane and was widely criticised for it as the deadly virus sweeps America.

She has now appeared on Dr Phil, who attacked the video, which has now been taken down.

In a heated online video exchange with the TV therapist, an unrepentant Ava told him: “I’ll cough on you.”

In a recent YouTube video, she claimed the challenge wasn’t real and she made it up for publicity, though others appear to have been doing it.

“I was, like, really annoyed that corona was getting more publicity than me,” she told Dr Phil.

“I just don’t think that this is as concerning as possibly as it could be, because I don’t have coronavirus. I don’t have any symptoms. No one I know has symptoms.”

Ava explained that since she went on spring break in Florida where she was “kissing people and being promiscuous” and is still healthy, the disease can’t be that serious.

Dr Phil called her “spoiled and entitled” and asked: “If you infect one person that loses their life, is it worth it for you to have this attention?”

She replied “Yeah” and went on to have a rant at boomers, who she said were instilling fear because she said were the ones affected.

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Samantha Day


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