The illegal brigade

ONE thing the UK has to be careful of in the present crisis is the illegals. It is estimated that there could be over a million of these people living and working in the UK.

Despite the government’s plans to cover the earnings and business affairs of the legitimate citizens, quite rightly no provisions have been made to offset any problems of the illegal brigade.

Unfortunately this is going to mean droves of disgruntled, hungry and possibly dangerous individuals prowling the streets prepared to do just about anything to ease their desperate situations.

Of course if Corbyn’s lot were in power, they would probably have special stations set up to take care of them all.

In fact, if Diana Abbott had anything to do with it, it’s highly likely they would be given some kind of priority! When our lives return to normal, let us hope there is a bit of ‘new brooming’ and some of these, often utterly ludicrous practices, are sorted out once and for all. Particularly the benefit baloney the country has become entangled and gnarled up in over the years.

In fact this latest example is not only a disgrace, but an insult to the families and victims of one of the worst acts of terror the country has ever seen. Last week, after the brother of the Manchester bomber was imprisoned for his part in the attack, it was revealed that his family had been receiving benefits of more than £2,000 a month.

What was actually more disturbing was that when his mother took her three youngest children back to Libya in 2016, no one from Social Services thought to check their circumstances and the payments continued unabated.

This was subsequently used by these two monsters to not only live on, but also purchase the components for the bomb which ultimately took the lives and maimed the scores of innocent victims in the Manchester arena atrocity. In other words the British tax payer funded the attack!  Obviously when all this horror is at an end and the UK has the opportunity for a fresh start, the whole system will need a complete overhaul.

In our ‘new world,’ that will inevitably have undergone dramatic change, we will hopefully see more attention paid to the indigenous and better deserving population and use a little more common sense over the bleeding heart and luvvie brigade, who have managed to disrupt common sense and plunge the UK into a mind boggling turmoil of political correctness and utterly ludicrous ‘uman rights which needs to be sorted.

Finally this week I fervently hope, that when our human race ultimately manages to defeat this invisible nightmare, it will realise just how frail our existence actually is and learn that love and peace is still the only true answer to it all. Hang in there everyone.

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Keep the faith
Love Leapy

Written by

Leapy Lee

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