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With 400 A320’s in service it is likely that you have travelled on one , probably more than one. Travelling on holiday or for work nationally and internationally.

The pilots and stewards caring for you as you focus on the task ahead after you arrive at your destination or instead kicking back with a vodka laced Bloody Mary cocktail spiked with a dash of Tabasco to provide that little kick as you sip. An A320 is then common place , ordinary and known to us all.

Or so one would like to think. However there are A320’s and then there are A320’s one such is the A320 designated Airbus Corporate Jet. For the esteemed clients of a company operating an example of an ACJ A320 Acropolis Aviation the expectation and experience is perhaps rather different to yours and mine.

As you step aboard you will enter a vestibule where you will be greeted by a steward or indeed the Chief Pilot and you may divest your self of an overcoat which would be promptly stored with in a wardrobe and then you would walk in to the main cabin.

Where you or I may expect to see a vista of rows of seats more or less comfortable though certainly at best described as cosy. Step aboard Acropolis Aviation’s ACJ320 and your view will be rather different.

The cabins that will greet you will be rather more luxurious designed to accommodate just 19 passengers and usually with far fewer this aircraft will carry its passengers from London to Tokyo or to Los Angles or indeed London to Rio de Janeiro in one just step.

Who builds such an aircraft? We know the answer to that of course, Airbus. They make A320’s lots of them. Who has the skills to complete and outfit the such an aircraft? Step forward AMAC Aerospace.

A completion project conceived more than five years ago and some 13 months in actual build once Airbus had delivered the green A320 aircraft to the AMAC’s huge hangers at Basel, Switzerland. “The quality offered by AMAC Aerospace is second to none.

We needed to select the right outfitter to bring our vision to life and from our point of view AMAC demonstrated to us that they had the skill and creativity to do this better than any one else.” So says Jonathan Bousfield CEO of Acropolis Aviation.

An interior designed by the famed design studio ‘Alberto Pinto’ who selected exquisite wood veneers , the finest leathers, actually a whole swath of precious materials to outfit and cloth the cabins with an elegant and exclusive design.

Augmented with the latest technologies that offer a High Definition cabin management and entertainment systems such as video on demand streaming movies, as well as a moving map locating you on the globe and interior lighting system to offer a seductive and relaxing space while you travel across the world.

As this VVIP aircraft is separated into discreet cabins one such will allow you to work quietly and with out disturbance or interruptions as you travel at your personal desk.  Or to have a peaceful doze and catch up on some essential sleep and rest as you hurry towards  your next appointed destination.

A sky high desk set in a sky high bedroom, naturally appointed with a double bed. Work, rest and of course play.

Nick Horne, London, England

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Nick Horne


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