Baby Shark Comeback On The Costa Del Sol & Costa Blanca To Assist Kids To Sneeze Below Elbow!

Parents beware baby shark is back!

YES, we all have fond memories of summer 2019, holidays, freedom, and lunch at the beach spring to mind. However, no matter where you went, one song was trapped in our minds – Baby Shark. Yes, we’re sorry to even remind you of it, but there’s a new version of the kids song, Wash Your Hands. While this time the catchy song has a good sentiment, it is sure to drive many to tears during lockdown. The ubiquitous original Baby Shark song was hard to escape last year, from parents playing at restaurants, to keep their kids entertained, to passing cars blasting it out. In fact, EWN recalls being at a chic Milan nightclub, and the song was played to a room of models and fashion industry sorts, who danced without any sense of shame or irony.

The new song, brought to us by Pinkfong! Songs and Stories, comes complete with dance moves and reminders to sneeze and cough into your elbow. While sure to be annoying, it does give youngsters instructions on how to properly wash their hands. Baby Shark launched originally in 2016, but it took until last year, before it seemed we were all singing it, as we went about our business. The song racked up 4.9 billion views online.

If you feel it may help your kids get busy washing, off you go. But remember we did warn you.