Region’s prisons ready to explode

Prison’s layout makes it difficult to disinfect, credit: La Sexta

PRISON guards have claimed that the Covid-19 emergency is turning Valencia region’s jails into powder kegs.
Prison guards have stemmed riots in Villena, Fontcalent and Picassent (Valencia) as tensions rise over suspended family visits.
Drugs can no longer be smuggled into the prison and many prisoners are experiencing withdrawal symptoms.
“We’re beginning to see the results,” an officer declared.
Prisoners recently started a fire in the Fontcalent exercise yard, triggered by false news that Italian jails were releasing inmates to prevent mass infections, prison sources revealed.
Three days later, warders had to intervene when four Picassent inmates began calling out and banging on their doors.
“You’re going to kill us all,” shouted one quarantined prisoner.
Picassent houses 2,000 prisoners, many with chronic health conditions or who are immunodeficient.  Neither does the building’s age, layout and enormous exercise yard facilitate the thorough cleaning and disinfection carried out by the prisoners themselves to stop the spread of the coronavirus.
“Tu Abandono Me Puede Matar (Your negligence could kill me), a prison employees’ associaton has asked Spain’s Ministry of the Interior to class them as law enforcement officers like the police or Guardia Civil so that prisoners’ assaults have more serious consequences.”

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