A message from China to expat readers on Spain’s Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca as breathe masks are dispatched to the Euro Weekly News

Chinese businessman sends message to readers of the Euro Weekly News in Spain

Hello everyone,

Firstly I hope you are safe and well. 

Today I have dispatched 200 breathe masks to the Euro Weekly News and I hope they can assist as many as possible especially the elderly.

People I read say they don’t work, I can assure you they do, we in China have used them for many years, we normally wear them when we have a cold or flu, to protect others, here in Dalian we are allowed outside now after three solid months of lockdown as long as we wear a breathe mask, it’s allowed us to get back out to the fresh air which is a wonderful feeling after such a long period on total lockdown.

Unfortunately I have seen hundreds of people die over the last three months, in one of my factories where I had 250 staff only 70 are now alive, it’s very sad BUT I must tell you, many recover as well and many by taking the right precautions escape infection.

Please be safe and careful but more importantly have spirit and belief over there in Spain because the world can overcome this dreaded virus.

I’m really sorry I can’t send more as I know you have a shortage, but masks are still in high demand here due to the outside laws here in China, I got as many as I could for you.

As an online reader of the Euro Weekly News, I thought of you all in Spain, even Mr Grumpy, he does make me laugh and cheered me up during the last three months, hopefully when all this is over I can come and share some tapas and a beer with you all if possible.

Finally I would like to thank you for all the kind messages you sent me via Euro Weekly News email, I am very touched, sorry I can’t reply to them all there are so many but thank you, they warm my heart and I read them all to my young children.

My prayers go to you every morning and night and I hope my 200 masks assist you in a few days to stay safe.


Max Xing 


At the Euro Weekly News we await now the arrival of the masks by DHL we do have a reserved list but with Max kinda sending a large amount you can still reserve one by emailing [email protected]

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George Stephens


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