Doctor predicts Portugal Lower death rate Than Spain’s estimating less than 4,000

Portugal predicted to have a lower death rate than Spain predicts doctor.

AS Portugal battens down the hatches and carefully watching the serious death rate in Spain that is pushing 8,000, a doctor in Fuengirola taking a break from treating patients infected by the coronavirus has predicted less numbers for Portugal.

Dr Rupert Hayman predicts that Portugal will have half of the mortality rate of Spain and expectations he feels of 4,000 maximum deaths.

“Spain has peaked now and we should start to see a decrease in infected numbers, but with Spain having locked down quite early, this should have reduced the spread to neighbours Portugal,” said Rupert.

“In my opinion when the virus starting turning high in Italy, lockdown in Spain should have started then, numbers would have been further reduced. Although we are where we are and have to deal with it now and we are despite reports in the main media dealing with it well.

“Hopefully and I think we did, locked down early enough to assist Portugal as a neighbouring country as well as them basically locking down around the same time as here.

“This virus spreads at a rate but with most travel going through the Costa del Sol and Sevilla into the Algarve and being reduced drastically at an early stage, should assist, I would say 4,000 deaths in Portugal will be the maximum and would be surprised if it goes over that number and hopefully far less, my message to residents in Portugal is follow the precautions advised and stay locked down tight.

“Portugal currently only has 160 deaths as of last night with around 8,000 infected, they will be a few weeks behind Spain in numbers, although I feel the Spanish restrictions will assist keeping down the numbers,” Finished Dr Hayman.