Incredible moment dog rescued from water pipe after being stuck for nearly a day

Thames Water engineers James Lewis and Jack Gale saved the pooch after finding her under a manhole cover, following her disappearance in the Cowley area of Oxford in England.

This is the moment a pet dog was rescued from a water pipe after getting trapped for nearly 24 hours while chasing a rat.

Terrier Olive followed the rodent during a walk and disappeared in the Cowley area of Oxford.

James initially tried to crawl up the pipe himself but found it too narrow so the pair set about lifting manhole covers to try and find Olive.

The dog was discovered wet and muddy but otherwise fit and healthy two hours later.

James said: “We’ve both got dogs ourselves so it was such an emotional moment to get her out.

“I had a lump in my throat. It was a fantastic feeling as we’d both worked really hard. We also had to be 100 per cent professional.

“If we’d shown fear or anxiety, that would’ve made the situation a lot worse for the owner.

“Olive was bouncing around with excitement when she was finally free, it made our day.”

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Samantha Day