Costa Blanca Council is Showing Frustration over Protective Glove Dumping Outside Shops

ORIHUELA Council has appealed for people not to throw disposable gloves onto streets and pavements.

The authority has reported a significant rise in gloves having to be scooped up by council workers in their cleaning rounds.

Areas close to supermarkets and food stores have seen the largest number of gloves just being cast away, after the extra protection started to be worn in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Orihuela’s street cleaning councillor, Dámaso Aparicio, urged residents to be more responsible.

“It just doesn’t make any sense at all that people are rightly protecting themselves with gloves when they go shopping, but then they just throw them away aimlessly. This is done without any regard to the safety of our cleaning teams that will have to pick them up later,” the councillor commented.

I appeal to everybody to use rubbish bins and containers, or if there are none around, then just get rid of the gloves when you return back home”.

Aparicio has called on everybody to be responsible, and also reminded dog owners of the need to follow the law over picking up any droppings.

Dealing with these issues means that our staff cannot concentrate on the main matter of disinfection and rubbish collection.”

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Alex Trelinski