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AT the time of writing, almost unbelievably, with the world facing an unprecedented holocaust some of the UK mosques are still refusing to close their doors!

Consequently, those that are deciding to ignore the directives and common sense advice of the authorities are completely packed with worshippers. It is a known fact that Malaya’s source of Covid-19 began in a mosque.

The disease not only engulfed Malaya but then spread to at least SIX more countries. Today I received a recent video from someone who filmed a car journey through London’s East end. The streets were packed with unmasked ethnic residents, queuing, shopping and completely ignoring the government’s directive to stay indoors and self-isolate.

‘So what’? I hear some of the more cynical among you observe. ‘If they want to take chances with their lives so be it.’ But it doesn’t end there does it?

When these people start dropping like flies, it is the unbiased emergency services that will suffer the most. It will also result in thousands of hospital places being occupied by a self-centred populace who did nothing to assist the country in its battle to survive this horror.

It will also subsequently deny beds and respirators to thousands of the indigenous population, many of whom have already fought in two world wars and have now had to endure even more hardship and deprivation in their efforts to fight yet another enemy that threatens the UK and its citizens. And what happens when the women refuse to be touched by male emergency workers or doctors!? I truly do despair of this section of the UK; large numbers of the public who have no intention of ever integrating with their fellow citizens.

I also sympathise with the victims of physical abusers that must be rampant during this close down emergency, particularly in households that consider women second class citizens! In its time-honoured way, I also anticipate a positive tsunami of ‘claims’ and legal shenanigans from people citing violations of human rights or PC biased decisions when all this nightmare is at an end.

I can almost hear the lawyers and legal sharks rubbing their hands from here! There should most certainly be legislation introduced to create some form of legal immunity from all decisions taken during this crisis. The idea of droves of court cases dragging on for years, achieving nothing but a very healthy lining to the pockets of a section of our professional leech brigade truly does stick in the craw of human decency and needs to be avoided at all cost.

Finally, to all readers of our great publication, and indeed to all at the EWN who are managing to keep the ‘wheels’ in motion, I wish you all health, strength and a positive deluge of love and good wishes as we continue to seek that elusive light at the end of this dark disease-ridden tunnel.

One thing you can be totally sure of is, that given time and with the resourcefulness of the human spirit, we will undoubtedly prevail.

God bless us all.
Keep the faith

Love Leapy
[email protected].



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Leapy Lee

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