Flying Super Yacht

Claimed to be the first flying yacht, the FOILER has not wings but rather four hydrofoils which behave as if they were indeed wings and lift the motor yacht clear of the water. Rising to one and half meters above the waves and giving a smooth dry even comfortably quiet on-the-water experience. Instead of bucking and shuddering across the seaways shouldering aside waves and thumping through a swell; the FOILER offer its occupants a different experience.

With the active stability mode engaged the g-forces of turning at speed, the centrifugal forces, are muted however turn off the stability mode and a sporty motor yacht is revealed charging across the sea at speed, pilot and passenger who are both exposed to the elements and connected to the sea more fully as they transit.

At a starting price of €764,000 and rising beyond €895,000 the FOILER is offered in three base models ‘VENTURI’ , ‘ROYALE’ and ‘AZURE’. A fourth is simply denoted, ‘CUSTOM’. Modifications and accessories range from a towing bar for waterskiing , only for the brave perhaps, to an Icebox and Minibar. Dual controls, one with a discreet joystick and another with a more nautical wheel or even underwater lights. A 740 HP engine drives a hydrostatic propulsion system that takes the FOILER to Take Off at 18 knots and reach a top speed of 40 knots.

The FOILER makes a high-speed turn barely heeling at the turn

Smart Technology lies behind the capabilities of the FOILER which extend to the wingman system. A mechanism that connects more than 50 sensors throughout the 10-meter length of the FOILER and provided as a wealth of data and shared with the cloud and an AI system that is able to support the owner in real-time to make operational and mechanical adjustments that are claimed to improve performance and prevent unnecessary wear on the yacht. Should a defect or problem arise an owner may grant access to the FOILER’s system so that any issue may be examined through a remote diagnostic system. Upgrades to the system and its software are made through a wireless connection. No technician need board the vessel. The owner grants and withdraws access at the touch of the button. The builders ENATA of the UAE Emirate of Sharjah expect that the many software updates should make an owners FOILER even better as time passes!

The FOILER runs at speed past off the Emirate city of Dubai and the Burj Khalifa Tower

The FOILER is not expected to be a yacht that will see many sleepovers. It will be seen as the means the most stylish and spectacular means to travel point to point. I can readily see a run up the coast from Cannes sweeping around Antibes past Nice and on to Monaco’s Port Hercule to drop into the harbour to enjoy the roar and thunder of the Grand Prix. As readily though around the Island of Mallorca and lunch in a secluded bay. A dream not so far fetched as one might imagine. ENATA the builders of the FOILER are planning to show the FOILER at the Palma Super Yacht Show this summer postponed from 29th April due to the Coronavirus Crisis to between the 4th June and 7th June.
Nick Horne, London, England

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