Costa del Sol Businessman Describes His Ordeal After Contracting Covid-19 in Spain

Marbella-based businessman Adam Brown on Spain’s Costa del Sol describes how he went through hell after contracting coronavirus

ADAM BROWN, the Managing Director of a recruitment agency and also YouTube presenter of ‘Football With Brownie’ that appears on the Euro Weekly News website, this week contracted coronavirus and after testing positive found himself in hospital on a drip.

Brown told the Euro Weekly News of his ordeal and the effects:

“I according to the doctors, only had a rating of mild to high, but that was bad enough,I have been working from home, spending a lot of time on my lap top and felt a headache coming on, I don’t suffer from headaches normally but just put it down to too much time looking at screens, but then I started to feel feverish, I live on my own at present so just took myself to bed in the hope it wasn’t coronavirus related.

“The headaches just got worse and worse during the night to the point I couldn’t open my eyes due to the extreme pain, the fever though after taking tablets seemed to drop off for a while, so I just put it down to awful headaches again and remained in bed for the day, but come the evening the fever set in and I was sweating while shivering and that’s when I crawled from my bed to call the medical services.

“It was like a feeling that my brain was shutting down, if I thought, it hurt and it hurt bad, it was surreal, lying there trying not to think and use my brain just to avoid extreme pains.

“I was taken to hospital and taken to an isolated ward, where I told the doctors about the headaches and pains, so they rushed me for a brain scan, I started to panic as I also had a tingling sensation in my arm, the more I panicked the more my head hurt, it was a no win situation, I had the scan and was taken back to my bed where I was put on a drip and administered drugs and I literally lost two days, I can’t remember any of it.

“My first memories are of coming around still feeling sweaty but with a lighter head, it still hurt but not half as bad which was a relief as it had felt like a lump of concrete on my shoulders, it was only then that the cough started, one of the reasons why I thought at first that I didn’t have it, I thought the symptoms were to look out for a cough, but the cough came later and is still present.

“The doctors have allowed me home now, they have given me a prescription of drugs to take and of course I have to self-isolate but thankfully they found no brain damage which was a large concern to me obviously, the doctors were more concerned about that than the fever and I have to say did a splendid job, they were excellent and the nurses too.

“I blame myself in all honesty, whilst I stayed in under lockdown I didn’t take it seriously enough, never wore a mask going out or wearing gloves etc at a petrol station, ignored all that advice and clearly paid the price, they say I only had a mild form really with a risk of medium to high, god knows how it must be in the high level, I urge everyone to take all precautions seriously and don’t think like I did that it won’t happen to me – it did and the pain was something I never want to experience again!”


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George Stephens


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