An unbalanced life and talking badly to yourself is not the way to go says Dione Lockyer on Spain’s Costa Del Sol

Trying to stay balanced

I hear so many people, especially women, talk badly of themselves.
I’m not just talking about clients, I’m talking about people that I see and talk to on a daily basis. They would say things like, I’m fat, I’m ugly, I’m useless, I’m a failure, I can’t do anything right,  I’m not as good as….!  Do these words ring true to any of you?

Ask yourself, would you speak these words to your best friend?  Would you tell your best friend they’re ugly or fat or worthless? I bet the answer is no! So why do you speak so badly of yourself?? The answer is… UNBALANCE!! When you are unbalanced in life, you begin to feel overwhelmed, your life seems to be filled with chaos therefore you start to tell yourself what you dislike about yourself.

Here are six signs that confirm that your life is unbalanced:

  1. You react or even overreact to people or situations that are out of your control
  2. You feel that you have on-going health issues such as, fatigue, headaches, anxiety.
  3. You feel that life is just “happening to you” and everything is at the mercy of chance
  4. Everything in your life feels impossible to achieve and you lack any motivation
  5. You attract all of the wrong people to you (negativity breeds negativity)
  6. You’re too tired to recognise or enforce your own personal and emotional boundaries

How can you restore your inner balance? Here are some tips and techniques to help you:

  1. Slow down – Re-establish that sense of control by slowing down.  Whilst it may feel as though you are not being productive when there’s so much to do, you’ll actually accomplish much more in less time and in a more pleasant way.
  2. Focus on the here and now – You cannot control what will happen tomorrow, nor can you change what happened yesterday! The more you focus on the here and now, the fewer thoughts you will have on the past or the future.
  3. Let go on control – One of the hardest yet one of the best things to do. Understand that you can only control you.  You can’t only control your own thoughts and feelings and you also have the ability to change it! If you have a negative thought, ask yourself, what physical evidence do I have that makes this thought true? Follow this up with, how do I want to feel right now?
  4. Break old habits – You have to stop doing what you have always been doing. If it doesn’t serve you, it needs to be removed. By simply breaking rigid or thoughtless habits one by one, you will begin to erode those negative patterns and beliefs.

Most importantly, be kind and patient with yourself.  You were put here for a reason.  love every inch of you, including your flaws

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