Psychologist warns of ‘stir crazy fever’ nastiness setting in on Spain’s Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca amongst expats

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Psychologist warns of the nastiness related to ‘stir crazy fever’ on Spain’s Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca as expats remain on lockdown.

WORLD famous physiologist and medium Mr Julian Jenkins has made a stark warning that signs of ‘stir crazy fever’ are breaking out along the coast’s expats especially and that people need to deal with it in a better manner.

World famous Jenkins.

Jenkins, a regular visitor to his holiday home in Alicante, warned how he has seen nastiness spread through expats in Spain as they suffer mental unknown tortures inside their minds.

Jenkins told the Euro Weekly News:

“Understandable frustrations are pent up on such a hard enforced lockdown and the mind will play games, this is one of the reasons the UK government allows ‘exercise times’ during their lockdown, it’s not so much about the movement, but more about keeping the mind relaxed and de-stressed, especially as many are currently working from home during these present times.

“In Spain though as we know it’s far more different with a very firm and hard lockdown and the mind is clearly playing games, as many have no gardens and the weather recently has been poor affecting the use of balconies.

“I read people’s comments on Facebook especially under news articles and such aggression and nastiness is appearing in the comments sections from normally sane individuals, bad language has risen, this is not the fault of the individual, it’s the mind overriding during such conditions now the days of lockdown draw longer with no ending in sight, just distant far away dates.

“I love reading both the Euro Weekly News and the local news but it saddens me to see writers being verbally abused in comments sections just because the news doesn’t please. Let’s look at the article about the exodus from Madrid, plenty of people in the comments shouted fake news when the news broke, some went further with vile nasty comments, was there any need? – those people then see the next day police setting up check points at supermarkets and catching hundreds of culprits with a record number of arrests. So it wasn’t fake news after all was it? It’s your mind playing tricks on you, as it’s pent up, frustrated and itself bored.

“Take deep breathes to relax and think how to overcome the mind, don’t just rush like a bull at a gate as your mind wants to become active, that’s the natural instinct of the mind, you have to pull your mind back and re-channel your thoughts and energy, take a deep breath, think about the person who brings you the news, he or she has brought you the latest events, you may not like it but it’s no reason to abuse. Today we read about the mayor of Sotogrande making a public statement about the high amount of out of town people turning up, does he receive the same abuse? Not at all because the mind is trained to respect the word mayor, channel your mind, take a breath and prevent yourself during these tough times of showing nastiness.

“Be thankful that you are bored, it could be a lot worse for you personally, you could be suffering fever in a hospital bed fighting for your life.

“The world of social media has brought about good and bad in people, don’t become one of the bad ones, stop think about your actions, would you say that to someone’s face? Sitting behind a keyboard make you feel more secure? If it does then you have another mind issue you need to overcome. I have trained and treated many over the last few years to overcome this mind issue, from taking people from being seriously sad trolls back to having an open mind and using that mind for positive actions and thoughts. Imagine if there was no social media during this period of life, how would your state of mind be then, so hey let’s not abuse it and be nasty to each other as stir crazy fever sets in.

“Let’s all remember, a 14-day long holiday is too much for some, let alone this lockdown period, be kind and to be kind have manners, if you agree or disagree, take that deep breath and think is my mind trying to lead me astray?

“Finally I just want to say very quickly if you are bored at this time, then please let me tell you, you are winning this battle. You should never be so pleased to be bored. There are thousands of people who currently wish they were bored due to illness or working on the front line. Please thank God for being bored and long may this boredom continue until everyone in the world is bored, then we can get this world back on the right road.
“Don’t let stir crazy turn you into something you are not – channel your mind.”
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