A downturn of social media nastiness from expats after psychologist called for calm on Spain’s Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca

Expats rally in support for acts of kindness during lockdown on Spain’s Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca during tough lockdown conditions.

EXPAT residents have rallied in support after psychologist and medium Julian Jenkins called for calm and rational thinking during lockdown.

Yesterday we ran an article with words of advice from world famous Julian Jenkins and the reaction instantly saw a downturn in nastiness comments on social media across all channels and media sections throughout Spain in the English language.

Hundreds of expats supported the words of Jenkins as they contacted the Euro Weekly News:

“What a great piece, especially concerning the comments. Absolutely normal people turn in to experts with their keyboards, using expletives they wouldn’t dream about in normal everyday conversation. It’s getting to everyone, true but the alternative to it is not worth thinking about. The whole world is in this try to make the best of it,” said Philip from Spain-

“I am one of those going stir crazy but my anger is now directed at Madrid who basically allowed them to leave Madrid go to their second homes, spread the infection but we are still in our homes following the lockdown. Yesterday was the first time in over four weeks I have been out and all I could see were two people traveling in cars and couples shopping. Sorry but I’m sticking to the rules and going to be penalised further because of idiots! I want to see my kids! Five weeks and it’s killing me and going to be punished further because of selfish idiots!” said Scarlet Jackson.
“Sadly this seems to be true. Let’s hope more people read this article and put the advice he gives into practice,” agreed Margret Stevenson.
“Shows how I’ll self disciplined some people are.
They want to remember and consider those of us who, by choice or circumstances, live this way normally without going mad.
They may be isolated and stuck at home but by being this way they are probably not only saving their own lives but the lives of others as well,” said Mike Brister.
Although John Wilkinson expressed a different opinion as he said:
“Anyone on this planet who claims he can communicate with dead people is beyond ‘stir crazy’ already.

Dead is dead, no longer living and being able to communicate with anyone.”

Although studying the large downturn in spiteful and nasty comments it does appear that expats in general have heeded the advice which can only be a positive as expats continue on the long run of lockdown as Phil Saunders from Fuengirola pointed out:

“It was great to see yesterday a large downturn in social media nastiness, I’m a member of many groups on Facebook especially, across the spectrum it was turning nasty, I shared the article from Julian in the groups I participate in and there was a clear downturn, many didn’t comment but I presume read the article and the downturn began, we are all in this together, yes of course we will have different opinions, but manners cost nothing as my grandmother used to say to us.”



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George Stephens


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