India Punishing Foreign Tourists Breaking Covid-19 Lockdown by Forcing Them to Write Out Hundreds of Lines

TEN tourists were forced to write ‘I am so sorry’ 500 times in school-line punishment style, after they broke the coronavirus lockdown rules in visiting an Indian town that was made famous by the Beatles.

The travellers from Israel, Mexico, Australia and Austria, were caught taking a walk in Rishikesh, where the Beatles sought spirituality from a guru in 1968.

India’s lockdown is being strictly enforced, with people only allowed to go out for essential duties like buying food and medicine.

Police officer Vinod Sharma said they were each made to write ‘I did not follow the rules of lockdown so I am so sorry’ 500 times.

More than 700 foreign tourists in the area had broken the emergency laws, and Sharma said that the strange penance was handed out to “teach them a lesson.”

Police advice has now been given to hotels to only allow the tourists out of their buildings if they are accompanied by local helpers.

The establishments also face sanctions if they don’t abide by the new ruling.

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