Care Minister appears to laugh when questioned about care home deaths by Piers Morgan

CREDIT: Commons Wikimedia

THE UK’s Minister for Care was accused of laughing today whilst being questioned on the number of coronavirus deaths inside care homes.

Helen Whately appeared on Good Morning Britain today, where she was questioned by host Piers Morgan about  what figures are available.

Morgan enquired whether the 4,000 deaths figure on the front page of the Daily Mail was true, at which point Whately appeared to begin laughing.

She then explained her reaction was because she couldn’t see the newspaper he was showing her, causing Piers to ask: “Why are you laughing?…. It’s actually very serious.”

Whately was then accused of laughing again as Piers interrupted her to ask: “Just answer, is it true that 4,000 people have died in care homes?”

Seeing her response, he continued: “What are you finding funny about this?” to which she answered: “I don’t think it’s funny in the slightest.”

Ofcom reportedly received 600 about the interview, with some viewers accusing Piers of ‘bullying’.

Whately said 19 NHS workers are confirmed to have died after testing positive for coronavirus but there is not yet data available for care homes.

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