A poem of the times. Sent to us from a lovely reader in Spain

Credit: Mark Lewis Photography.

It’s strange how life can change so fast
From the way things used to be
And it puts a new perspective
On what it feels like to be free

The things we took for granted
Are now the things we crave
And the friends we love and cherish
Are the ones we need to save

The times when we could just decide
To act without a care
Have been snatched away from our lives
Were they ever really there?

All those days of fun and laughter
Happy times spent with our friends
Have been replaced with fear and worry
And the horror that it sends

Isolated from the world we knew
Our only hope right now is time
But every day we take another step
Upon the mountain, we must climb

We will be back together
We will laugh out in the sun
We will put this hell behind us
When this battle has been won

Then remember how you missed your friends
How this caused you so much pain
And be sure you tell them that you love them
When we are free again

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