Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered: Children and Walks Under Spain’s New Quarantine Regulation

THANKS to the new relaxed quarantine measures proposed by Pedro Sanchez and his government, children will now be allowed out for short walks to alleviate the stress of being cooped up at home all day.

Here are some of the most frequent questions about this new regulation and their answers:

From what date will this new regulation be allowed?

Although this date has fluctuated a fair bit since being announced, the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa has clarified that this new measure will enter into fruition from next Sunday, April 26.

Although President Sanchez and other ministry spokespeople had announced that this would begin on Monday, April 27, the person to confirm this date has been Salvador Illa who says it will begin a day earlier, on Sunday April 26.

What ages will be allowed out?

The final decision on what age will be the cut-off age for children being allowed out is 14 years old.

This has also changed from what Sanchez previously stated on the weekend as he said he would base this age on public health law which cut off the age at 12, however, after much backlash this has been risen to 14.

Alone or accompanied?

These minors may only go out with the company of one of their parents or an adult who lives with them and is their guardian.

In fact, police sources explained that this was already a viable option for children who could stay at home without the care of an adult and therefore had to accompany their mother or father out of the house. This most typically applies to single-parent homes.

The difference now is that all parents will be allowed to go out with their children, regardless of whether or not there is another adult at home.

What can they do out on the street?

Fernando Simon has already warned that they will not be allowed to go out and play, regardless if they are on their own or with their friends.

Initially, the government announced that they would be expected to accompany their parents on essential trips only which are already decreed by the State of Alarm, for example, going to the pharmacy, the doctor, the petrol station, walking the dog or going to the supermarket.

Since then they have amended this to include going out for short walks always when accompanied by a parent or guardian.

However, parks are out of the question and will remain closed. They are also prohibited from going to a friend’s house because this would go against the social distancing measures enacted by the government.

Can they ride a bike or a scooter whilst out?

This has not yet been clarified, although a press conference held by the government has explained that a guide is still being prepared and is expected to be published in the next few days which will present the information in a simple and easy to understand way.

Can they see other children or friends?

No. Montero has pointed out during their outings they must comply with all hygiene and protection measures, including social distancing.

Should they wear gloves and masks?

This is another aspect of the new regulation that the governmental guide must clarify.

Montero admitted that it is “quite complicated” for young children to make efficient use of masks and gloves, as they tend not to restrain their desire to touch their faces with their hands.

Illa has also said that in the upcoming days precise instructions will be given on how this can be carried out, and that they are currently working on clarifying them.

An additional problem would be finding gloves and masks which fit the size of younger children, especially considering that it is already difficult for adults to access this material.

What about minors between 15 and 18 years old?

The new measures do not include minors between the ages of 15 and 18.

However, Montero has clarified that in principle, this is a segment of the population who is already allowed out without the company of an adult as they can go and do any of the activities permitted by the royal decree: walking the dog, buy bread, or go to the supermarket etc.

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