Anti-Bullfighting Protest Group Offers Money To Scrap Iconic Event in Spain For Ever

AN anti-bullfighting protest group is offering money to scrap an iconic event in Spain on a permanent basis.

This July’s San Fermin fiestas in the northern city of Pamplona featuring the world-famous daily bull-run, were cancelled this week because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Now the animal rights group PETA have put €250,000 on the table to the Pamplona Council to never stage the event again.

The gesture is somewhat financially symbolic as the festival attracts international visitors who pour millions of euros into local coffers.

PETA wrote a letter to the Pamplona mayor, Enrique Maya where they said: “The Running of the Bulls is a vestige of a far less enlightened time when people didn’t understand that animals feel pain and thought nothing of risking fellow humans’ safety.”

The group stages regular animal rights protests in Spain including an annual naked demonstration in Barcelona, when PETA members cover themselves in fake blood.

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Alex Trelinski