It’s Raining, it’s pouring. Life during lockdown in Spain!

As if by Lambe-Murphy’s Law, it seems, not even the weather will let up.
Since lockdown began, the sky has been grey and the rain abundant. Perhaps a reflection of the global mood. Then, I look at social media, and the sun is shining in Ireland and the UK. Friends post photos, wearing shorts and polo shirts, quaffing Pimm’s, as they lunch al fresco, on roof terraces, over-looking empty streets. Meanwhile, in Marbella, the weekly trip to the supermarket has almost become an occasion. As if we may meet the love of our life, whilst choosing tomatoes. Or more likely, in the wine section. As the rain poured and temperatures remained humid, trying to select the right outfit for such an outing, took more than a few attempts. In the end, I found my late grandfather’s Barbour, an odd-looking rain hat, a fresh mask and gloves, and I was good-to-go. A simple jacket from the late 50’s, that I’m pretty sure, has seen many fun times. I know it has since I started wearing it, many years ago.

My grandfather was a wonderful man. Always wise, confident and happy. Always with a great sense of style. He lived a full life, was known to enjoy a proper lunch, and despite surviving WW2, also went on to survive my grandmother. Sadly, not in age, as he passed before her, but he survived life with a strong lady. Don’t get me wrong, she was a pretty fabulous lady, but she was very demanding, in that, she expected perfection at all times. I guess the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. As I queued, in a slow-moving line at the local Supersol, I felt the rain and it bothered me. Then, I thought of the great man who once wore the jacket. What would he do in challenging times like these? Without realising, I removed my shades and hat, looked to the sky, and let the rain run down my face. Feeling the rain, was a joy. It made me realise, I was outside!

After a long week at home, I was lucky to be in line at the store. While we may believe we know best, we should remember those who know more. Not people who claim to know it all, but rather, those who have lived. Those who have survived experiences, we may never have to endure. Recently, my heart pounded, as I saw Captain Tom Moore on the news, raising millions for the NHS. Such an amazingly positive 100-year-old gent. Such an honourable man. His manner made me remember, to stop complaining and get on with it. Smile and be extra polite, to everyone we meet.

Remembering my grandmother, I know that these days I care less about perfection and more about my sanity. I’m sure she would disagree. You know what I mean, I tend to load the dishwasher, the morning after. I attempted to cut my hair, it looks bad. So, I wear a hat. Then again, I am just like my grandmother – as even if I must wear a silly hat, it has to be Prada.

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Gavin Lambe-Murphy

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