Residents on the Costa Blanca Call For young child YouTuber in Benidorm To Be Arrested And Locked Up For Constant Flouting

Benidorm residents are calling for a child YouTuber to be arrested and locked up for continuous flouting of the State of Alarm regulations

FOR 39 days a YouTuber has gone to the streets of Benidorm to film what it’s like on lockdown clearly breaking the rules of the lockdown regulations and procedures.

Going by the YouTube name of Deborah Benidorm, the person goes for long walks around the streets each day filming everything she can find on lengthy walks around the town lasting up to an hour, she walks the town’s streets, takes trips to the beach and other various locations including watching bars on fire.

The presenter of the YouTube channel appears to be around 10 years old but despite this other Benidorm residents want her arrested and locked up as well as the child’s parents.

Rob McFagan told the Euro Weekly News of his disgust at the child’s and parent’s actions:

“Today will be the 40th day that they go out and about filming, totally against all regulations to make YouTube films, the child should be stopped immediately and her and her parents should be banged up in a cell until the lockdown is over, it’s totally disgusting behaviour by the parents and they should also be questioned by social services over their parenting skills, a good stiff lesson would be going under lock and key for this child to learn the law of the land.”

Paul Martin stated:

“This person has been out every day EVERY DAY during the strict lockdown – look on YouTube BENIDORM TODAY … DEBORAH. Does the law known not apply to her, she is not British but speaks English. GOING OUT EVERY DAY PUTS US ALL AT RISK,” he wrote in disgust.

Meanwhile Andy Waddell, a Benidorm resident originally from Plymouth told us “This is atrocious, the police need to take action against the parents, who the bloody hell do they think they are walking and filming the streets of Benidorm, we are on lockdown for a reason to save lives and stop the spread of Covid-19 and we have the likes of this kid going out and filming for vanity? I don’t care how old she is – stick her behind bars and teach her a bloody good harsh lesson and as for the parents they should be tracked down and thrown in the clink, they could kill people simply because they are too bloody thick,” he snorted.



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