“Leave the Benidorm kid alone” demand residents at Spain’s holiday hot spot on the Costa Blanca

Local residents are demanding YouTube sensation ‘Deborah Benidorm’ be left alone as many residents claimed she and her parents were flouting lockdown laws.

MESSAGES of support are pouring in on social media groups for the little girl who shot to fame with her videos of the empty streets of Benidorm and of her singing in local bars and defending her from her critics who laid into her yesterday

Calls went as far as requesting that she be arrested for flouting with some going as far as requesting prison sentences for her parents for allowing her to walk the streets filming whilst on lockdown under the State of Alarm.

Although thousands have come out in support for the little girl.

Offering his support for Deborah, Walter King from Benidorm contacted the Euro Weekly News first:

“Really?? This child is harming nobody at all. She puts nobody at risk at all when she is just walking there and filming the lockdown. What is your problem people? Come on. Don’t you see that the lockdown situation is just used to implement new laws and rules and new technology?” said Walter

This followed with:

“I cannot believe that such statements of adult people coming out of their mouths. Make your research and open your eyes, what is really going on right now around the world, this little girl is not doing any harm at all. Leave her alone and I for one will be watching her videos and signing up to her channel,” said Elizabeth Jenkins.

“You adults have nothing better to do than reporting to the police when there is a child trying to be proactive on lockdown cause she is bored. As there is nobody on the streets and nowhere, how can she put others at risk? That is really nonsense and bull$hit!” said Gary Lord

Meanwhile, Barry Thompson said, “Hey killjoys – get a life, this kid’s fantastic, she’s not doing any harm to anyone, she’s a credit to Benidorm, some people really need to get a grip of themselves.”

Another local, Martin Grainger said, “we were at the Why Not Bar and Deborah was singing, she is such a lovely girl and just wants to make people happy, everybody loves her.”

Deborah sings I want to break free in the Why Not bar in Benidorm.

Deborah Benidorm (for all people are in Lockdown, so everybody).

“How sad are people getting in Benidorm when they want this pending superstar banged up for god’s sake, she’s done no harm at all to anyone, just walked the streets filming to show the world how Benidorm is right now, news reporters can do it, so why not our little Deb?” fired Gareth Hughes

“She deserves the freedom of the town, I’ve watched her daily videos and long they may continue, they make my day, those who have had a pop should hang their heads in shame,” said Katy Hallam.

Andy Evans, a PR relations officer summed it up with “There’s no such thing like bad publicity, hopefully her ratings will go through the roof despite the negative trolls having a pop – look she’s now had full exposure in Spain’s largest free expat newspaper and website that has eight million web visits a month – go Deborah!”

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