Piers Morgan reveals Donald Trump has unfollowed him on Twitter after he slammed his approach to coronavirus

Donald Trump has unfollowed Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan on Twitter after he blasted his approach to the coronavirus pandemic in his MailOnline column.

The outspoken host slammed the US President for his comments ‘powerful’ UV light or even injecting patients with disinfectant could be the way to beat the virus.

In his column, Piers, 55, told Trump to ‘shut the f*** up,’ and stop abusing his position to air his ‘batsh*t crazy theories’.

On Saturday, Piers tweeted: ‘UPDATE: President ⁦ @realDonaldTrump ⁩ has unfollowed me on Twitter, hours after I wrote this ⁦@DailyMail ⁩column.’

Previously friends, with Piers interviewing the President last June, things have changed drastically.

In his column, the presenter wrote: ‘The leader of the free world has turned the daily White House task force briefing into a rambling two-hour self-promoting rally.

‘He’s devoted large chunks of them to trashing the media, attacking political opponents, telling us how great he is, and rewriting history as he tries to defend all the mistakes he’s made since the virus first erupted.

‘And he’s done all this while 50,000 Americans have died from Covid-19, the worst death toll in the world, and nearly a million cases have now been reported across the country.’

‘Last night he stooped to a shameful new low by suggesting people suffering from Covid-19 should be injected with toxic disinfectant.

‘It’s hard to imagine a more stupid thing for a President to say than publicly float a completely unsubstantiated ‘idea’ like that which will inevitably make some Americans believe having bleach inside them will cure the virus.’

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