Fist fight in Fuengirola Costa del Sol over dog poo sees man sparked out cold and 2 arrests

A fist fight erupted in Fuengirola this afternoon as one man gets knocked out cold and the police arrive and arrest them both.

WHILST dog walkers are allowed out on the street to exercise their dogs and of course answer the call of nature, a fight has just erupted on the streets of lower Torreblanca, Fuengirola as tempers boiled over.

The scenes were incredible and to the extreme which has led to the two men and the dog taken away in a police van.

What took place that started the fist fight was that a dog walker allowed his dog to poo on the pavement and at first he looked as standard that he was bending down with a poo bag to pick up his dog’s mess but to the astonishment of a man walking to the Maxi Dia Supermarket and other watchers, the dog owner bent down and laid out the doggie poo bag across the mess, weighed it down with a stone and started to walk away.

The burly man on his way to the shop shouted “Oi you dirty ba$tard pick that up, don’t leave it for someone else you filthy %^&*”

With that the dog owner and his dog squared up to the shopper as the dog started snarling shouting “F… You, do you know who you are talking to, I’ll do what I want when I want, there’s a bag there if someone wants to pick it up, nobody else appears to around here so why the f…. should I?”

With that the shopper launched a left hook straight onto the chin of the dog owner, who let go of the dog’s lead and threw back a swinging punch that missed and as his head came forward with the swing, the shopper threw an upper cut that saw the dog owner sparked right out cold in the road opposite Torreblanca train station entrance.

Cars had to stop as the man was sprawled right across the road and then as the traffic backed up along came the police who hauled the dog owner out the road whilst other officers questioned the shopper who was clearly heard telling the officer why he chinned the dog owner and showing them the dog mess.

A police van then arrived on the scene and both men appeared to be arrested with the dog owner who had now come around, placed in the van and his dog, whilst the shopper into the back of the police car as another officer took photos of the poo evidence.

Eye witness Caroline Winters said “He deserved what he got, a good old bunch of fives, what a thing to do, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when he placed the bag down on the mess, I hope they let the big fella off, I told the police I was a witness and it was self defence.”