Spain registers more recoveries than new infections for first time since pandemic started

ACCORDING to Spain’s Ministry of Health, there have been more coronavirus (Covid-19) recoveries in Spain than new infections in the last 24-hour period for the first time since the beginning of the crisis.

Spain registered 367 coronavirus-related deaths on Friday, according to the Health Ministry compared to 440 the previous day. This is the lowest number of deaths since March 21, when 324 fatalities were recorded. The country’s total death rate stands at 22,524.

According to Fernando Simón, the Director of the Health Ministry’s Coordination Centre for Health Alerts, Friday marked the first day that Spain has registered more recoveries than new infections since the beginning of the pandemic – 3,105 recoveries compared to 2,796 new infections. “It is the first day that we can say there were more recoveries than new infections. This is the best figure recorded in weeks,” said Simón, and described the figures as “good news.”

So far 202,990 people have been diagnosed with the disease since the beginning of the pandemic, of which 92,355 have recovered. Here’s a breakdown of diagnosed Covid-19 cases, those in intensive care (ICU) and those who have been cured, across the various regions:

Andalucia: 11,536 diagnosed cases; 714 in ICU; 1,107 fatalities and 3,992 cured.

Aragón: 4,867 diagnosed cases; 254 in ICU; 695 fatalities and 1,781 cured.

Asturias: 2,234 diagnosed cases; 131 in ICU; 231 fatalities and 688 cured.

Baleares: 1,821 diagnosed cases; 166 in ICU; 172 fatalities and 1,081 cured.

Canarias: 2.140 diagnosed cases; 169 in ICU; 128 fatalities and 1,017 cured.

Cantabria: 2,084 diagnosed cases; 78 in ICU; 178 fatalities and 913 cured.

Castilla La Mancha: 15,365 diagnosed cases; 553 in ICU; 2,255 fatalities and 4,782 cured.

Castilla y León: 15,692 diagnosed cases; 510 in ICU; 1,612 fatalities and 5,943 cured.

Catalonia: 45,544 diagnosed cases; 2,569 in ICU; 4,393 fatalities and 16,138 cured.

Ceuta: 100 diagnosed cases; 4 in UCI; 4 fatalities and 84 cured.

Valencia: 9,939 diagnosed cases; 651 in ICU; 1,147 fatalities and 5,809 cured.

Extremadura: 2,718 diagnosed cases; 108 in ICU; 411 fatalities and 1,358 cured.

Galicia: 8,932 diagnosed cases; 87 in ICU; 382 fatalities and 1,730 cured.

Madrid: 58,191 diagnosed cases; 949 in ICU; 7,765 fatalities and 34,212 cured.

Melilla: 107 diagnosed cases; 3 in ICU; 2 fatalities and 61 cured.

Murcia: 1,468 diagnosed cases; 105 in ICU; 125 fatalities and 791 cured.

Navarra: 4,581 diagnosed cases; 129 in ICU; 417 fatalities and 1,552 cured.

Basque country: 11,881 diagnosed cases; 518 in ICU; 1,193 fatalities and 8,459 cured.

La Rioja: 3,790 diagnosed cases; 82 in ICU; 307 fatalities and 1,964 cured.

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