CBD oil: does it improve sleep?

While all the European countries ate, showing more and more lenient towards recreational cannabis, CBD and medical marijuana are more and more talked about.

With the growth of the CBD cannabis industry, we can now have access to the one of the best shop of CBD in the UK. Online shops such as JustBob are stepping up in terms of selection of CBD flowers and CBD oils, but also in terms of services and delivery.

All kind of people now uses CBD. It relieves chronic pain, seizures, anxiety attacks, or even to stop smoking. There are a lot of benefits when using CBD oil. CBD could also improve the quality of our sleep. But is it true?

CBD oil in our modern society

The most famous of the legal cannabinoids: CBD, is on the rise and even up to our bedrooms. Research that proves its benefits is increasingly convincing. While this molecule is fully integrated into the American landscape, with the opening of numerous dispensaries, it is struggling to make itself known in the UK and Europe.

The reason? The cannabis is taboo. Immediately catalogued as a drug, it should not be forgotten that hemp is neither more nor less cannabis which has a level of tetrahydrocannabinol below 0.2%. At the same time, the botanical genre remains the same: Cannabis Sativa L.

Does cannabidiol make us sleep better?

CBD is neither a euphoric, a psychotropic drug, nor even a sedative and has no physical addiction effect. Non-toxic, it is generally well integrated by our body up to the threshold of 1.500 mg. Above, the dose is not lethal, but adverse effects may appear.

The best-known reference in the field? JustBob CBD oil, specially designed to be used before bedtime. You can also find or create your mix of CBD oil and melatonin. This mix would complement and balance each other to return to deep sleep quickly. The product does not have THC and is therefore legal in the UK.

CBD oil is an anti-stress to fall asleep

From a general point of view, many scientists agree that CBD oil has anti-stress and anxiety-provoking properties. Besides, its anxiolytic and relaxing effects coupled with muscle relaxation will be particularly appreciated for the phases of falling asleep and mild drowsiness.

What considerably reduce the leading causes of insomnia. With its durable soothing power, finding restful and natural sleep would be within everyone’s reach.

Not only is the time to fall asleep reported to be shorter, but subjects also note nights with rarer dreams. However, dreams are created during the REM sleep phase and not during deep sleep, which is much more restorative. Sleep is thus maintained longer.

While 10 to 30% of sleeping pills are likely to have significant side effects, CBD oil would provide a much less dangerous alternative and above all: much more natural. Besides, by directly attacking the sources of insomnia (namely stress and anxiety), cannabidiol would fight upstream.

In other words, with CBD oil, the cause is treated, not its consequences!

Please note, however, that research in this area is still in its beginning. The CBD is still a molecule that science has not entirely done, and side effects have not been studied long term.

Cannabidiol and sleep

At the moment, the vast majority of studies on the effects of CBD on sleep are only at a preclinical stage. However, many studies seem to define the impact that would seem beneficial for restful sleep with the help of CBD oil.

First of all, CBD as we explained to you in the previous paragraphs, brings an internal balance. CBD oil regulates homeostasis and allows people to find a balance of life (anxiety, appetite, mood, energy, …). Thus, it will enable the body and mind to find an absolute serenity conducive to faster falling asleep, and top quality sleep.

Indeed, sleep disorders can have different source factors, the best known of which are chronic pain. Recent studies show that the pain-relieving effects of CBD oil help to regain better sleep by making it easier to fall asleep and decreasing the feeling of pain during this phase. Thus, the subjects find adequate sleep in terms of duration and quality.

It is now possible to highlight that CBD could affect the sleep cycle by eliminating REM sleep, which generally takes anxiety as a source: patients who had sleep disorders were able to perceive benefits thanks to the contribution of CBD.

How to use CBD for sleep?

As explained in this article, CBD oil does not directly affect sleep but the causes that can disturb it. For some people, CBD can stop insomnia, but for a very small part of other people, CBD can cause insomnia.

To use CBD oil, start with pure CBD first, and keep in mind that a small amount can cause you to energize and therefore cause the opposite effect. Follow these recommendations and start slowly.

You can also mix your CBD oil with other products such as melatonin. It is a hormone produced by the pineal gland allowing better sleep and sleep, by testifying to the brain by its production that it is time to sleep.

The feedback on this mix is only positive. To sum up, CBD oil is useful in the treatment of insomnia; it makes it possible to fight against the source factors of these sleep disorders.

Check the pages of JustBob.shop to find the best CBD oils and CBD flowers online. But for those whose CBD oil does not affect their sleep, it is therefore preferable to turn to a doctor to find the best treatment for this type of problem.

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