Benidorm Deborah Spain’s latest YouTube sensation gets over her concerns goes outside and waves to numerous fans

Benidorm Deborah gets over her concerns and steps outside to be greeted by fans and supporters

YESTERDAY YouTube sensation ‘Benidorm Deborah’ exclusively told the Euro Weekly News of her fears of going outside after a little criticism from some Benidorm residents calling for her to be arrested for flouting, although she hadn’t stepped outside. You can read the article here

During yesterday’s interview we told Deborah not to be concerned by the minority but to take advantage of the new State of Alarm rules allowing her outside for an hour.

In her latest episode the pending superstar who is being tracked by hit show ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ took the advice on board and stepped outside to be greeted by numerous supporters as she walked and danced down the street.

Benidorm Deborah lapped up the praise as she waved back to her new fans like a true professional despite only being just eight years old, although it gave her the biggest smile yet in her new found fame.

Viewer and fan Kevin Davies who’s watched every video on lockdown told the Euro Weekly News “What a fantastic sight to see the little angel strutting her stuff in the open air, I’m glad she has overcome her concerns, I guess as she goes on to fame and hopefully fortune she will have to get used it, just a little learning curve for her I guess, but it was fantastic to see her walk past and I gave her a big clap and she waved back! – watching her beautiful videos has been the highlight of each day and may they continue.”

Another new fan Maggie Wilson said “She came past today hopping and skipping, it made my day, she’s such a genuine lovely little girl.”