Benidorm Deborah YouTube sensation gets the thumbs up from the Costa Blanca Police despite calls for her to be reported to them

Benidorm’s YouTube sensation ‘Benidorm Deborah’ gets the full support of the police on the Costa Blanca.

JUST last week a minority of residents in Benidorm called for the YouTube star who’s being head hunted by Britain’s Got Talent to be reported to the police and potentially arrested.

Although as some residents made the call, hundreds of fans and followers came forward in her support and now that includes the police themselves on the Costa Blanca.

Deborah, who never flouted as some claimed as she made over 20 videos of what life was like in Benidorm during lockdown simply uploaded videos of when her mother went out to do food shopping and trips to the bank and pharmacy and the video presentations have beamed around the world reaching global audiences as Spain’s largest expat news website with over seven million monthly users recently aired her videos as well as held an exclusive interview with the child star aged just eight years old.

Yesterday as she made her latest production caring for all the animals who need feeding, she was approached by the police who gave their full support as well as her now thousands of fans as she strolls the streets of Spain’s Benidorm.

The police gave her the big thumbs up as she socially distanced with an officer and his patrol car.

Thumbs up from the police.

Benidorm Deborah as she’s known globally on her own YouTube channel was so delighted that she even went as far as placing Spain’s largest expat news website on her channel that promoted further visitors from all over the world and comments from new readers.

David Furghill from Burwood on the outskirts of Sydney, Australia said “I applaud your support to this brave and wonderful little superstar, she’s taken it all in her stride and we have been watching her daily from over here, the other side of the world, thank you Euro Weekly News for the support you gave her when she came under fire from unfair criticism.”

Chris Fang from Dalian, China, who watched whilst in Hong Kong wrote to say “Well done Deborah and well done Euro Weekly News, my boys showed me the videos firstly and now I’ve become addicted to watching her daily updates, may they long continue.”

Life is really looking up for Benidorm Deborah despite the criticism of last week which led to Willie Clarke saying “People should check out the facts first before making assumptions, this sweet beautiful girl obeyed all the laws and still came under fire for no reason, may it be a lesson to many.”

Benidorm Deborah Adds Euro Weekly News To Her Productions.