Parent or not sitting on the beaches on the Costa del Sol leads to a large fine as one parent finds out

Police challenge sitting on the beach

Sitting on the Costa del Sol’s beaches whether you are a parent or not will lead to a large fine as one parent finds out as many issued with flouting fines.

THE police today are taking action and issuing large fines to parents who have taken to sitting on the beach with their children.

As the sun beams down today on the Costa del Sol, parents thought it was wise to take to the beach not realising they were actually flouting and breaking the State of Alarm regulations.

Whilst yes the beaches are open, they are for the purpose of exercise and not topping up your tan whilst building sandcastles as parents have found out the harsh way this afternoon in Fuengirola.

Police patrols are stopping in the middle of the road and challenging sun worshipers as they sit on the sands with their children and fines are being handed out of €150.

Police challenge sitting on the beach.

One of those fined today, Jose Lopez told the Euro Weekly News how he was fined and warned:

“My wife is working today in the supermarket in Los Boliches and I am doing the child minding, when I saw the weather, I thought great, let’s go to the beach as they are open, I took some towels and toys and we sat alone away from everyone thinking we were doing what is allowed.

“After about 40 minutes a police car I saw just stopped in the middle of the road and put his blue lights on flashing, I looked to see what was happening and the officers jumped the wall and started heading my way.

“They come to me and ask what am I doing? I told them sitting on the beach with my daughter, they told me I was not abiding the law and they fined me, they said the beach is only open for exercise and sitting down is not regarded as exercise and against the regulations.

“What’s annoying is yesterday afternoon I saw plenty sitting on the beach and they were there ages, I didn’t really realise it was wrong to sit.”