In a battle to save his presidency this November, Trump is busy scapegoating the World Health Organisation to mask his own deadly inaction in the USA. Similarly, in an attempt to perk up the flagging economy, he’s accused by US governors of making “delusional” and “dangerous” statements to roll-back safe, stay-at-home restrictions without a robust and widespread system of testing in place.

How to make an election drama out of a crisis: Trump has never met a crisis he couldn’t turn into a campaign opportunity. His thin skin, his constant personal attacks, his ability to drive divisions between people and promote infighting to deflect criticism from himself, his willingness to blame others for his failures, but to take credit for their achievements… are all typical examples of Trumpism. His playground tactic of redirecting accusations of misconduct back at his accuser is especially childish, petty… and surprisingly effective.

You’d think pseudo-reality shows such as “The Apprentice” were unscripted, but I’m beginning to wonder. Given The Donald’s less than masterly way with words, how could he ever have got the job? Why was everyone taken in by it all? His signature policy was he’d build “The Wall” and Mexico would pay for it. Right! He’s all hat and no cattle, as they say in Texas. Twenty-three years after it last aired, “Spitting Image” is reportedly set to return to television screens – featuring an S&M-clad Vladimir Putin, Zuckerberg (regrettably, not S&M-clad!) and Trump whose tweets are composed by his, err, rear.

I was wistfully thinking that these times are made for “Spitting Image”. Some countries seem ruled by puppets, and most look like they’ve spent a while mouldering away in a storage unit. I happily await the opportunity to be offended and entertained whilst the pompous and powerful at least give us all a good laugh in these challenging times.

Meanwhile, fortunately, in this troubled world with the media full of alternate doom, gloom and clapping, we have this little light relief provided daily and free of charge by…The Donald!

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