The Stress Of Home Schooling – Mums, you’re doing just fine!

It’s not enough that we are in lockdown but now us mums have to be teachers too! I hear you Mumma’s. 

The first day, I was completely organised. The alarm was set, the laptop and books were neatly on the table, the timetable was neatly written using different colours, and everything was going to be fine. My son woke up on time, sat at the table, completed his work with only a few questions he needed help with and before I knew it, the day was complete!

Wow! I can really do this, homeschooling is a doddle, or so I thought!!!

Fast forward to the end of the first week and things weren’t so dandy. My son was less motivated, the snooze button was pressed, the work got harder and OH MY GOD WHERES THE WINE!!!

We had arguments, we had strops, we had complete meltdowns. What the hell am I doing, I’m no teacher, I hated algebra when I was at school so how on earth can I teach it to my son? I’m not even fluent in Spanish, he attends a Spanish school I don’t understand, I can’t, I cant… I JUST CAN’T!!!

The tears started to roll, I felt as if I was failing as a parent, was my son going to be left behind? Was my son going to struggle when the schools re-open?
Then it hit me, like a saucepan to the face…

Mums, WE ARE NOT TRAINED TEACHERS! We haven’t been to college or university to study how to teach our kids so why on earth are we putting so much pressure on ourselves?  Secondly, this is new to our children too! they’re not used to the situation we are in, they look at their homes as a place to feel safe, a place to have fun, a place of calm. They have spent 6 long weeks stuck at home with a mum or dad who picks up the wine every time they hear the words… SCHOOL WORK.

Give them and yourselves a break!

Take it one day at a time. Whether your child completes 5 hours or 1 hours’ worth of work, celebrate it.  If your child is feeling overwhelmed and simply cannot face a day of homeschooling, teach them something fun. Teach them life skills. Cooking, reading, home exercise anything to put a smile on their beautiful faces.
The reality is, the lack of workload will not affect their adult life, it will not stop them from getting their dream job. It will not stop them from living a successful life. They will catch up, they will succeed, they will be happy!

The lockdown and pandemic will be talked about for years; don’t let you children or yourself look back on it with dread, hurt or frustration. Create wonderful memories and look back on this moment with nothing but love and a smile.

I raise a glass to all parents. We’ve got this!

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