Business over Tapas Is Finished Across Spain’s Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca Says International Businessman

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Business over tapas may go down in the history books and be finished forever says businessman David Hammond as he sees a new world after lockdown.

International Businessman David Hammond who travels frequently to Spain as well as all over the world to make his trades, told the Euro Weekly News how he sees a new world as countries eventually comes out of lockdown.

“When I visit clients and suppliers in Spain for example – the meetings are always over a small beer and a few dishes of tapas, and I see the death of business over tapas in the pending future along with many other traditional cultures, the world will certainly change after this crisis to ensure it doesn’t happen again, it’s crippled the economy all over the world and safeguarding for sure will see many traditions change.

“Picking from the same dishes personally when I get back to trading in Spain will be one off the list, but it’s not just Spain, did you know the tradition in China is that if you have a disagreement with someone, to make up and say sorry is to pick up and drink the other’s beer in one and slam down the empty glass, that tradition now has stopped and I doubt it will ever return, I don’t think business over tapas will continue either especially in big fashion, visitors will be far more reserved and careful on how they dine and who with.

“Many things I believe when normality returns will be lost forever and left in the history books such as business over tapas, we will in my opinion see so many changes as people have long memories and this crisis has brought a lot of matters home.

“Let’s take supermarkets, why should they remove the screens, after this I see staff wanting far more self hygiene protection for example, why shouldn’t the person on the checkout serving thousands of people daily have more protection, this virus that has killed thousands has set a precedent. I also see airlines looking for new measures for more personal hygiene as well as many other business operations.

“The world’s never going to be the same again, governments can’t afford another financial crisis like this one or they will simply run out of reserves, for that reason alone I feel the world will totally change and never fully resume the way it was, which will wipe out some traditions of not picking over tapas as well as choosing who to dine with.”

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