As the 10am timetable curfew prepares to kick in Spain’s residents on the Costa del Sol charge home as the police announce the time

As 10am approaches an exodus of early morning risers start to charge home as police patrols prepare.

With the sea fronts on Spain’s Costa del Sol ram packed from 6am as people took to the streets for a very long time to exercise, with a peak at 8.30am that saw the pathways rammed with people as well as beach walkers, 10am is approaching as they charge home now to beat the deadline set in the timetable issued by the government.

Meanwhile Local and National Police start to gather to ensure that the regulations are adhered to the relaxation of lockdown process.

Making their way home.

This morning was the first signs of normalities returning to Spain’s Costa del Sol as joggers, walkers, dog walkers and cyclists massed and mingled to the streets, especially the sea front walks.

As numerous cyclists and even roller blade users charge down the roads the police are now making announcements by way of megaphones advising the public of the time as they park in the middle of the road.

As the police announce the time, the mass crowds start to disperse and head for home.

One local resident out with his dog paddy and his wife Mary, Paul Gregory said “It’s the first time for ages that I have been able to walk with the Mrs, I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing with some beautiful eye candy around this morning,” he joked as a glamorous blonde on roller blades went whizzing past.

A local officer told the Euro Weekly News “Everyone is getting clear notice of the time this morning so there are no excuses after 10am and we will start rounding up anyone who’s out after the designated time.”