Spain’s Costa del Sol residents grow more confident as Malaga’s Metro sees an increase of passengers

Image of Malaga Metro train.

Spaniards grow more confident as the number of passengers on Malaga’s Metro has grown to almost 30 per cent compared to the previous week.

AS Spain starts to ease its lockdown regulations, yesterday was the start of the phasing process which resulted in a consequential increase in the number of commuters who have used the Metro in Malaga.

The Ministry of Infrastructure has been calculating how many commuters have been using the underground network and confirmed that yesterday saw an increase of 530 passengers compared to the previous week.

Although this is sharp increase in a matter of one week, it’s important to remember that these numbers are exceptionally smaller than they were prior to lockdown which would see around 25,000 commuters each day.

The Metro has seen a similar instance last month, when construction workers returned to work, seeing an increase of 233 passengers compared to previous weeks.

Due to the easing of lockdown regulations coming into phase, allowing some residents to return to work has meant that the growth on the Metro commuters will be moderate and passengers using any form of public transport are reminded that they are required to wear protective face masks or risk getting a fine.

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