Yeovil MP Marcus Fysh has grave doubts regards Coronavirus App and causes a stir across Europe

Marcus Fysh MP for Yeovil in Somerset told the House Of Commons of his fears of the newly proposed NHS government backed APP in the fight against Covid-19

FYSH told the House of Commons:

“The precedent that health trumps liberty must not be the conclusion from this period. I am determined about that, because it is fundamental to our very souls as the British people. We are not a people who take well to surveillance, and it is a little ironic that the country that has probably been surveilling its population more than any other appears to have been the source of this virus.”

Fysh who is in his second term as the MP for the small Somerset town, Yeovil has triggered a European debate as it’s discussed in many quarters of Europe.

“I listened to his speech on the BBC parliament channel and I have to agree with him, that Yeovil MP has nailed the thoughts of many, we don’t take well to surveillance and we don’t want it now, these mobile phones and apps are traceable and can be used to spy, I don’t think they should be relying on an app and I certainly won’t be downloading it,” said Yeovil born Mike Carter now living in Alicante.

Another former Yeovil resident residing in Spain’s Fuengirola, Chris Goffe told the Euro Weekly News, “He spoke very well and I agree with his total sentiment on the subject, it’s not often I agree with Fysh and I’m not a Tory at heart but on this subject he’s dead right, it’s a big brother tool to track people and I would be really nervous about my personal information being held as well, I’m glad he raised the concerns of many, whether the government actually take any notice we will have to wait and see whilst I doubt they will.”

The questioned NHS App.

It’s not just former Yeovil expats though who are in agreement as political watcher Francis David in Spain’s Los Boliches commented “What a well thought our speech, it was a joy to listen to and see a Tory challenge his own party leaders, you don’t often see it happen, I don’t know that much about the App but anything like that I don’t trust at all, I don’t even use a mobile phone.”



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George Stephens


    • U. Sunshine

      07 May 2020 • 16:42

      This Photo is absolutely outraging. Where is the social distancing, the Masks and the gloves??? Really Are you kidding us? Handshaking without gloves? No Distance at all? are you laughing at us or what?

      The whole corona covid 19 campaign is a big hoax to bring in the new technology, the tracking app, vaccines, health equipment’s, That should stop NOW.


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